"Raylan", 150 lbs., All OFA's Good hips, elbows, and Cystinuria clear by percentage. 

Meet the Boys!

"Rock-O", 165 lbs.,

Preliminary OFA's All Good hips, elbows, heart and Cystinuria clear by percentage. 

The Girls

 "Gracie" Big Brown  and Beautiful

135 lbs., Very sweet and loving

Cook's Sweet Sugar Pie

Beautiful Grey female

110 lbs.

"Coco", Stella's daughter, 135 lbs., extremely athletic and very sweet. 

Native American Indian Dogs, AKA, Indian Dogs

Foundation Stock

The Bitches


Brown Sable

98 lbs., the most

Athletic can jump

over six feet. 

Abby My Wild One! 90 lbs.,

Fantastic Dog


Dark Sable

95 lbs.,

Most faithful.


Dark Sable

90 lbs., my

Sweetest Baby Doll

Rosa, Extremely sweet and very athletic.

Naesha, my wild flower!

Diana, Sweet and super Athletic

Seneca, my sweet little baby!

The Studs

"Drago" AKA "Drake", King Shepherd, Solid Black 130 lbs.,  He is Mommy's Boy!

His puppies are currently therapy doggies! 

-Sirius - Solid white woolly coated beauty!

He is extremely athletic and very sweet. 100 lbs.

Odin, Momma's Boy!

Still a puppy, should mature to 130lbs.

Odin has a long woolly

Coat. He will have stunning puppies!!

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